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Biocean Wildlife Encounters is the life project of it's founder,

Lilia Gonzalez, a Mexican biologist who found her passion on sea

creatures and their mysteries since early childhood.

"I create Biocean with the main goal of spread scientific knowledge outside

the institutes or classrooms, taking it directly to the ocean, the forest, into nature, where it belongs, closer to regular people. The idea is to learn about the behavior and biology of the species we are seeing while experiencing with your hole senses, creating that unique connection that wakes awareness about environmental issues and makes them want to take actions into        conservation".

Our commitment is with our customers and the conservation of the environment. We provide our visitors with a unique opportunity to observe marine animals in their natural surroundings, connecting meaningfully with them. Our aim is to provide wildlife encounters in a sustainable way, in order to ensure the welfare of the animals and to minimize our impact on nature. We offer our guests the best service, comfortably sized ships, small groups, a highly skilled and professional crew, with several years of experience and friendly Biologists- Naturalists Guides, with extensive knowledge about Bay of Banderas marine wildlife, all of them English- Spanish speakers.

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